Tulsa World:

Even before Rex’s Chicken opens its doors each day, customers are pecking and clawing to get into the reborn restaurant at 111th Street and Memorial Drive.

It opened quietly last week without an announcement or advertising, but brand owner David Rutkauskas said the small location has been packed, doing about $50,000 in business during its first five days.

“This may end up being the biggest restaurant we have based on the early results,” said Rutkauskas, who also owns the Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe and Freshberry eateries.

Officially, the Rex’s Chicken brand reopens this week, marking the return of the iconic chain famous for its bite-size chicken pieces and honey-covered fry bread.

The original Rex’s Chicken chain went bankrupt in 1999, and Rutkauskas, owner of restaurant franchising company Beautiful Brands International, purchased rights to the name and recipes during a tax-lien sale in 2007.