JDA(R) Software Group, Inc. , The Supply Chain Company(R), announced today that the Scandinavian cosmetic company Oriflame has successfully completed the implementation of JDA(R) Fulfillment. The deployment of this solution enables the company to reduce its fulfillment planning cycles from monthly to daily and improve supply chain visibility. As a result, Oriflame can now respond faster to global market changes, helping it better meet ever-changing consumer demand.

“Oriflame’s supply strategy is focused on achieving speed, flexibility and agility to support our direct sales business. We do this by aligning our supply footprint to our sales markets, shortening the supply chain wherever possible and increasing visibility into product flows. Our investment in JDA enables this strategy by providing us with real-time information,” said Jonathan Kimber, executive vice president global supply, Oriflame.

Kimber added that the system supports Oriflame with day-to-day decision making throughout its supply and distribution network.

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