Artfest is pleased to announce that the Company will be launching a marketing and branding campaign for its proprietary RFID chip set for the fine art and sports memorabilia industry. The Company’s Starfest Verification System gives world renowned artists, athletes, and collectors the security and “peace of mind” that the fine art and sports memorabilia is not only authentic, but also quantifies available pieces that were produced and available in the market, hence mitigating possible fraud. Artfest International expects its Starfest Verification System to provide a new standard, especially for the $4 Billion global memorabilia industry.

Artfest International’s Starfest Verification System keeps all players in the art and collectibles industry “honest.” For example, if a consumer bought a limited edition collectible embedded with the Company’s Starfest Verification System, then the consumer would be able to connect to a database that displays all the parameters associated with the particular collectible; where it was purchased, when it was purchased, for what amount it was purchased, what number of the limited edition series they purchased, etc. In addition, the technology offers artists or athletes the ability to see how many pieces or items that were produced and/or sold. The information available through the Starfest Verification System can be read either through an iPhone, PDA, and/or with Artfest’s reader package.

“Our proprietary technology will enable us to improve on the gold standard we have set in the past for how fine art and memorabilia are marked, tracked, and valued. Starfest Technology will enable Artfest International to expand the Verification system (SVS) and make it available to all genres of Intellectual Properties,” stated Edward Vakser, CEO of Artfest International, Inc.

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