'Old school' Tupperware Parties Renewed


Betty Draper might recognize the brand name and the patented sealing “burp,” but the fictional 1960s perfect housewife from Mad Men might be amazed to see an old trend has new legs.

Tupperware parties, popular bonding opportunities among female friends for decades, are making a comeback locally.

“At just about every party I’ll always have someone say, ‘Oh, my gosh, I haven’t seen Tupperware in forever.’ But we’re working to change that,” said Rikki Hack, a Tupperware manager from Spring Hill.

A former travel agent, Hack remembers Tupperware from her own childhood — her mom had a collection. But it wasn’t until three years ago that she fell back in love with the product after being invited to a party organized by a Thompson’s Station manager.

Since then, Hack has presided at well over 100 Tupperware parties and typically plays host to about six a month. She also plans to staff the Tupperware booth at the Oct. 9 Thompson’s Station Fall Festival and is a frequent vendor at the Brentwood YMCA’s “moms market” in the spring and fall.

She said she’s definitely seen more of a local demand for the plastic food containers from the purchasing and selling aspect than in the past. Once the ladies know that Tupperware is still out there, they keep filling out those order forms.

“I started into this as just a customer who loved Tupperware. I’ve grown into a manager position now with five girls underneath me. I could probably do more if I wanted to. The demand is there. But I want to be there for my family, too. That’s the great thing, I work when I want to work,” Hack said.

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