Franchisee Trends

There are more ways for franchisees to ensure the right fit with a franchise system than choosing a brand and industry they are passionate about. Will the training provided suit the franchisee’s business experience? When franchisors understand the level of small business experience prospective franchisees bring to the table it dictates how franchise opportunities are marketed and how initial and ongoing training is delivered.

So put on a franchisor’s hat for a moment and consider the following…

The results from the DC Strategy Research ‘Prospective Franchisee Surveys’ over the past two years clearly show some important trends:

Prospects coming from a corporate background represent the group with the largest growth while those with moderate business experience have indicated their willingness to stay where they are. This could largely be attributed to the economic slowdown during 2009 which resulted in more unemployment in corporate Australia and forced small business owners to tighten their belts.

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