Strip-Site vs Shopping Centre

One of the biggest differences for franchisees that run food court stores and those that operate strip-sites is the amount of rent they pay. People considering becoming a franchisee in this industry are faced with the decision of either paying higher rent and having access to marketing and cleaning facilities as well a more reliable customer base and information about the type of customers that frequent the shopping centre, or, on the other hand, paying less rent and not having those facilities available to you.

But there are a number of other factors which potential franchisees need to consider before buying into a brand. One of these is staffing. “Typically the strip locations are larger and have internal seating, which generally requires more staffing,” Luke Baylis founder of Sumo Salad explains.

“There’s a little bit more cooking on-site because we’ve got more space so we can utilise the kitchen and change the actual functionality of the store. The other thing is that with the strip stores you’ve got more flexibility in terms of your design because you don’t have to conform to shopping centre design requirements. You can be a bit more true to your brand.”

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