A Virtual Happiness Coach

Sometimes it’s work or sometimes it’s stress at home, but we all know what it is like to feel a little down. No one can be happy 100% of the time, well except maybe Logan Lindabury.

Logan has made it is job to help others stay positive. Through his website, Happiness Can Help, and consultations, it is his goal to coach as many people as he can about being and staying happy.

Tell us a little bit about Happiness Can Help.

HappinessCanHelp.com is where you go when you want to find happiness in your life; whether you want happiness in one particular situation or your overall life. All services are 100% confidential and online. Meaning, you can receive coaching on the go, at any time, and from practically anywhere! Coaching is done through email, instant message, text message, and BlackBerry messenger.

What inspired it?

I got inspired to start this coaching website a long time ago. I’ve wanted to help people live better lives since I was a young teenager. For one reason or another, I didn’t act on it until recently. I realized that despite the horror stories I hear on the news all the time, I am still able to find happiness in my life. And I also realized that many people around me were NOT able to do the same thing; and I wanted to change that. I want to help people learn how to smile when they feel like frowning. I want to help people find happiness in their lives when they’re having trouble doing so on their own; and that’s what I do at HappinessCanHelp.com.

What does an online happiness coach do?

An online happiness coach is much like a traditional coach; expect better. A happiness coach is basically a life coach. A life coach helps you live. A happiness coach helps you live, happily. As an online happiness coach I am accessible throughout the day; usually within a few minutes after you contact me. I have the ability to work with anyone in the world, because I work online. I can email someone, talk to them on AIM, and even send them a text message. Traditional coaches will sit with you for 1 hour, once a week, and that’s it. With me, you can get unlimited coaching; which means unlimited interaction! This is great if you’re someone that likes to receive responses and wants them in a timely manner; which is pretty much everyone.

Are you like a virtual therapist?

I suppose you could call me a virtual therapist. I don’t have any certifications/degrees. And to be honest, I don’t think a degree makes you any better of a coach anyway. I’m not saying they would HURT you though! I just think coaching comes from within; you either have it or you don’t. You don’t go to school to become a coach, you go to school to become an even better coach. If you do the former, you’re probably not meant to be in this field. But more than just a virtual therapist, I’m like a concierge friend; on stand-by and almost always ready to respond within minutes.

How much does your service cost?

My services are on a tiered pricing model and are based on the number of days of coaching. Each day you will receive unlimited coaching (meaning, unlimited interaction). As you buy coaching for more days, you pay less per day. Plus, you also get more services as you buy more days of coaching. Coaching for 1 day is currently at $97. With 1 day you get JUST coaching; no live chat, no text, no BBM. But when you purchase coaching for 3 days and above, you get live chat, text messaging, and BlackBerry Messaging. And as you purchase coaching for 7 days, 15 days, or 30 days you get more hours of live chat, at a cheaper price per hour. Coaching for 3 days is currently at $377.

Besides coaching, what else does your website offer?

The other main element that my website offers is an Affiliate Program. So, if you’re someone that knows people that are interested in coaching, you can get paid to refer them to me. Every affiliate makes 15% commission on every sale they deliver to HappinessCanHelp.com. It’s FREE to join and the earnings are limitless.

Care to give us a little tidbit of advice that you like to share with your clients?

My advice to my clients is this: Greatness takes time, and for some it takes even more. Expect greatness, but do not expect it instantaneously. But know this, I will not stop helping you if you do not stop trying. As with most things in life, happiness coaching is something that works better the more you are involved with it and the more you learn from it. Many of you are thinking, “He just wants to get more money!” Yes, I want to get paid. That’s the goal of any business. But no, my goal is NOT to make you buy service after service until you drain your retirement fund. My goal is to offer as much coaching as I possibly can within the time that you have purchased. And if it’s not enough, I usually give more coaching at no extra charge. Because making you happy is more important than me making money.

What goals do you hope to accomplish with Happiness Can Help over the next year or so?

I hope to spread awareness about my site. I hope to join with some people who can help spread the word and in return, share a portion of my profits with them. I am constantly looking for people to help me spread the word. So, if you’re one of those people then please talk to me. I’m looking into creating an e-book but don’t have all the resources as of right now. Little by little I will become better known and HappinessCanHelp.com will gain even more popularity.

What are some lessons you’ve learned from your business?

I’ve learned that you need to make a lot of friends and talk to as many people as possible. Because almost every one of those people will be beneficial to you in some way. And when someone is crude and rude to you, DO NOT return those manners. Show courtesy to everyone you encounter. Because if you’re mean to one person, it spreads like wildfire and before you know it people have a misconception about you.

Do you have any advice you’d like to offer fellow entrepreneurs that might be feeling a little stressed?

Think about how you felt when you started your business. Think about how eager you were, how excited you were. Now bring those emotions to you right now. Let yourself be overwhelmed with the joy that you felt when you first started out. Feel that “drive” once again. Do you have it? Good. Now start tackling whatever it is that has caused you stress. Because when you’re motivated, when you’re feeling great, the things that try to stop you and put you down don’t have a chance!

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