As you move back into the fall season when it’s likely – possible? – that business will pick up, you’re going to find your mind percolating with all kinds of new ideas for your small business:

There is an interesting story over at Cincinnati.Com about organizing your ideas to make more money.

Leads book. Whenever you get a lead for a new prospect or an new product idea to pitch to a current customer, write it down in one book you always keep with you. That way, you have a ready-made list of future business possibilities.

Trade show book. Take a notebook, pen and small stapler with you to trade shows. When you meet someone you want to contact later, staple their card to a page of your Trade Show Book and make notes. Back in the office, when you finally have time to follow up, all your notes, contacts, and ideas will be in one place.

Product development book. Keep all customer feedback, ideas for upgrades or improvements for future versions of your product – or ideas for new products – in one book. That way, you won’t overlook anything when you’re developing the next generation of your product.

Photo by iprole.

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