Power Tots Empowers Young Minds and Bodies

It’s important to give our children an opportunity to move. Through play they are able to also exercise, bettering their minds and bodies. Power Tots aims to do exactly that.

By offering young children a combination of gymnastics, yoga, and dance, they are offering kids an opportunity to build up their self-confidence and a way to have fun while also exercising. Their business opportunity is also very flexible, making it possible for their franchisees to work where the kids are so they don’t need a physical location.

I recently spoke with Kelly Sorenson, the director of Power Tots, to learn a little more about the business and their franchise opportunity.

Tell us a little about Power Tots.

Power Tots is a unique traveling company that provides gymnastics, yoga and dance instruction to children. We travel to daycare centers, preschools, afterschool care, extended day programs or any other place that children may gather. We have a great progressive gymnastics curriculum that enables us to meet the needs of multiple levels of ability and rotating equipment so all aspects of gymnastics are explored. Our yoga and dance classes are catered to the children and their imaginations as they are the inspiration and guide in each class. Our whole company has been built on and embraces the philosophy of “Believe in the Power of a Positive Attitude!”. In all of our classes we provide a fun and safe enviroment where we build self confidence through a positive attitude and nourish our bodies though the physical exercise.

What inspired it?

Power Tots was founded by Kathi Donnelly and started in one daycare center with 20 children. Kathi just wanted to share the joy of gymnastics with children and plant the seeds of a healthy self image through a positive attitude and accomplishment. She was a competitive gymnasts so gymnastics was her vehicle in doing so.

When was it launched? When did you begin franchising?

Power Tots started in 1986 and we just this year 2010 have started to franchise.

How many locations do you currently have? Where?

Currently we just have the home office in LaPlata, Maryland operating.

Tell us a little about your franchise opportunity.

We are offerening large territories, low franchise fees and the ability to own and operate a business from one’s own home. More details can be found here.

What separates you from the competition?

Our progressive curriculium, over 25 years of operating expierence, a reputation of superior quality and our variety of programs.

Any advice you’d like to offer potential franchisees?

Great opportunity to find inspiration and passion through enriching the lives of our youth. Be a part of a heathy start movment for our future generations and the future of our world. We are also a company that seeks to serve please contact us if you have any questions regarding our opportunities or philosophy.

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