Frozen Gaziantep Food Served From Turkey To The World

Hurriyet Daily News:

Fighting the idea that frozen food is unhealthy, the Gaziantep-based Sahan restaurants chain is opening to the world with plans to export frozen food. At the same time, the company is readying its first fast-food outlet in Turkey. Sahan then hopes to increase the number of fast-food chains to 500 all around the country with a franchise system.

Already a supplier of Gaziantep food to provinces around Turkey, the Sahan Restaurants chain is now preparing to export some of the region’s specialties to northern Cyprus and Iran, weighing offers to enter the European market as well.

“Turkish cuisine is the third biggest in the world but we don’t make the most of it. Food has the biggest role in Turkey’s promotion to the world. We need to make it a source of income. We started selling frozen Turkish food for the first time and made money. We have signed a distributorship contract with Iran. We’ve received great demand from Greece, Italy and Germany,” said Sahan Restaurants Chairman Tahir Tekin Öztan. More.

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