Could Dick Tracy Watch Phones Be Next?

From the All That Is Old Is New Again Department comes this: The new state-of-the-art high-tech iPod Nano is being used as a wristwatch.

According to The Arizona Republic, the compact portable music player, with its 1 1/2-inch-square screen, has a function that tells time.

Not by using a digital readout but by creating a digitized analog clock face. And, we assume, instructions on how to tell time using big and little hands.

Because the small clock face is reminiscent of the face of a wristwatch, it didn’t take long for people to start attaching the iPod Nano to wristbands and wearing it as if it were a watch.

The iPod Nano is designed to go for 24 hours continuously before needing a charge, so there shouldn’t be worry about draining the battery.

After a few minutes of no activity, the screen goes dark. But it can be awakened from its sleep with a touch and will display the correct time again.

Editor’s Note: I see an opportunity here. Why not make watch apps with different watch faces?
Felix the cat with the moving eyes? An M.C.Escher design? Or Andy Warhol painting? Any design to personalize the watch face. Maybe even a Nano app that would allow you to use ANY photo as a background for the watch face. These could be sold like ringtones for $1-2. And the watch bands. Another personalization opportunity!

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