A Franchise That Keeps Growing

The Irish Franchise Magazine:

History and Origins
Rohan was founded by husband and wife Paul and Sarah Howcroft in the Yorkshire dales in the early 1970s. Poor outdoor clothing on the market inspired them to take a radical step and they decided to develop their own. From their kitchen table came hand-machined samples which brought a new view to textile technology and garment design. Their success soon came to fruition, with local climbing clubs and as the word spread, their success started to develop nationally.

In the early 80s, the first store opened and as the company continued to expand, the head office was relocated to Milton Keynes. As the company grew, the word spread about the quality of the products and at times the supply struggled to meet demand. Rohan was bought over by C & J Clarks in 1988 and a successful management buy in was completed in 1996. Read more.

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