Tasti D-lite Signs Agreement To Expand Into Australia


Tasti D-Lite, the great-tasting, lower-calorie frozen dessert chain with a cult following among health-conscious consumers as well as celebrities, is on its way to Australia. Friezer Australia Pty Ltd signed an international master franchise agreement to expand Tasti D-Lite in Australia and plans to open its first location in Melbourne in spring 2011. The company is committed to opening an additional 30 units throughout Australia over the next five years.

As the director of marketing and operations at Friezer Australia, Georgina Crawford first discovered Tasti D-Lite while living in New York City and working in television documentary production after graduating from Boston University. Georgina was immediately enamored with Tasti D-Lite—so much so that she and her friends often bantered about bringing the guilt-free dessert to Australia. But Crawford worked in New York and London for eight years, earning numerous credits on prestigious productions before moving back to her hometown of Melbourne in 2010. As the entire Crawford family reconvened in Melbourne after living in Asia and Europe for several years, Crawford proposed the idea of bringing Tasti D-Lite to Australia.

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