Yesterday the Miami Museum of Science was filled with women in business suits handing out business cards reports the Miami Herald.

They networked and learned how to brand themselves, become entrepreneurs and earn more money at the Empowered Woman’s Success Summit & Expo Miami. The two-day event ends Friday and has more than 800 people signed up.

“Women are getting out of business school with lower starting salaries than men,” said Michelle Villalobos, creator of the event and a business skills trainer. “We teach them how they can be strong, assertive and still feminine.”

Villalobos started the expo last year, when it drew 600 people. This year, it brought speakers to teach skills ranging from how to network to remembering people’s names.

The chance to network is the immediate benefit women can get from the event, said Villalobos. After the lectures, they gathered at the main lobby of the museum for lunch and a business card exchange.

“This is an opportunity to expand my business,” said Pashmina Lalchandani, who launched Flow Simple, an Internet marketing company a month ago. “One of the valuable things I learned today is that I need to hold myself accountable for the things I say I’m going to do for my business.”

Image from The Empowered Woman Miami