The Irish Franchise Magazine:

Following 18 years of successful trading in the UK market, Complete Entertainment eXchange (CeX) is eager to replicate its success in the Republic of Ireland by way of a Master Franchise. CeX is primarily looking to recruit an Area Developer, who possesses a passion for entertainment products and has the experience and ability to operate a minimum of three stores initially. The successful Area Developer will then take on the Master Franchise licence and spearhead the brand’s development throughout the Republic of Ireland.

To date CeX has 115 stores operating across its UK network, 57 of which are franchised. CeX’s international aspirations have led to seven additional corporate stores in the USA and three in Spain. CeX’s popularity has continued to grow, even during the economic downturn, and this is because the brand buys and sells second-hand goods from seven different product lines which include DVDs, video games, CDs, mobile phones, vision, computing and electronic products.