Mini Market Kids Boutique Offers Stylish Clothing Kids Love

While you’re searching the isles for yourself, where are you kids at? In Merrick, NY there is a good chance that your kids are shopping in their own section at the Mini Market Kids Boutique reports the Merrick Patch.

“There are not a lot of stores that focus on this type of product,” Scarfone said. “There are a lot of women’s stores–there’s probably like 10 in Merrick–so this is the direction that we went in.”

According to their Facebook group, Mini Market Kids Boutique guarantees, “Boutique clothing without the boutique prices.”

Prices range anywhere from $20-$40 for girl newborns through age seven and all the clothes are derived from the Children’s Market on 34th Street in Manhattan.

“We want [children] to come in and be able to shop on their own while their moms are shopping,” Fasano said. “That’s why this store is very kid-proof. They could walk around and touch things that are inexpensive and then they can buy them.”

That’s exactly what the “mini market” is there to serve. While the kids can choose from a variety of pens, lip-glosses, lollipops, gumballs and more, mom can walk along the glittered floor, browsing through clothes, vintage jewelry and hair accessories.

“We give everybody a basket and they kind of just fill it up like they’re in a market,” Scarfone said. “Kids are mesmerized when they see [the mini market].”

Photo from Mini Market Kids Boutique

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