Artist Uses Old Chewing Gum To Beautify Sidewalks reports that artist Ben Wilson has been hot on your trail – literally crawling on his hands and knees, making little tiny paintings on the flattened spats of gum you’ve left behind.

Once he’s set his sights on a sidewalk, he doesn’t pass up a potential canvas, painting on every flattened blob for hours on end.

While we’re featuring but a sampling of his work, a proper Flickr gallery can be viewed here, where one can find strawberries, cityscapes, tributes, memorials, commissioned ads and confessions of love — some signed by the artist and some lost in swirls and details.

And while this may make you want to leave your gum for him on the sidewalk, don’t jump the gun — Wilson already has plenty to work with.

Photo by Flickr User salimfadhley

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