Lifemax Appoints Ryan Reinke as Chief Financial Officer

Lifemax®, a network marketing company known for Mila®, the world’s healthiest whole raw food, has announced the appointment of Mr. Ryan Reinke as Lifemax Chief Financial Officer. In his new role, Mr. Reinke will provide a new level of financial oversight and planning to the activities of Lifemax and help ensure the company is financially ready for future expansion. He will work to improve existing accounting processes and prepare the company for increased expansion into international markets.

Though a recent addition to the team, Mr. Reinke is by no means a new face to Lifemax Founders Jim and Sherri Wear; they brought him on as Chief Financial Officer of their Central Florida-based real estate development company in late 2005 and worked closely with him until 2007 when they began laying the foundation for what would become Lifemax. “We have wanted to bring Ryan on-board for quite some time,” said Lifemax Co-founder Jim Wear, “and not just because he’s brilliant or even because he is clearly the right fit, but because he is extremely trustworthy, which is one of the hardest things in the world to find. Knowing our Company’s money — and that of our distributors — is in Ryan’s safe and capable hands helps us to sleep soundly at night.”

Mr. Reinke was formally introduced to the family of Lifemax Independent Distributors at their annual conference, ELEVATE twenty10, in mid-October.

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