Niche Biz: I Caught Santa

The brainchild of Steven Lockhardt, this unique website helps prove that there IS a Santa.

According to The Columbus Examiner, helps visitors create a unique keepsake photo of Santa inside the child’s home by combining site provided digital images of Santa Claus with a user’s uploaded digital photo as the background.

Want a photo of Santa by the Christmas tree–or bending down to pet the family dog? With 20 different Santa poses from which to choose, visitors can select a wide variety of poses to coordinate with personal background photos.

In three simple steps visitors to can upload a holiday scene–such as a shot of the fireplace or the Christmas tree, add an offered image of Santa Claus and print it either at home or have it printed at participating retailers. Photos can also be shared via email, Facebook or on Twitter.

Editor note: Another example of an online business where the web site does all the work. No inventory, no shipping. Your only job is to promote the business and get the customers to the web site.

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