Don’t use your own car that often? Then a unique website, WhipCar, might be able to help you recoup some of the cost. They have made it possible for car owners to post their vehicles for rent, allowing people in their neighborhood to rent the car for short periods of time. The owner can set their own price, and the driver has access to a vehicle so they can run an errand, buy groceries, visit a friend, or whatever that need may be.

WhipCar screens all drivers and cars that are listed, ensuring the best match possible. They also offer a unique insurance policy that will help cover damages in the event of an accident. The owner’s insurance will not be affected.

Whether you’re the driver or the car owner, there is a specific list of requirements that you must pass before you are eligible to join:

Owner Eligibility

  • You must have a car (no vans, motorbikes or motorhomes at the moment)
  • It can’t be more than 8 years old
  • It must have a valid MOT and road tax
  • You must have existing insurance (this won’t be affected in the event of damage – so your no-claims bonus is safe)
  • You must meet WhipCar’s vehicle eligibility requirements and be suitable for use (safe to drive, in good condition and clean)
  • You can’t have had a major accident in the last 3 years or written-off your vehicle

Driver Eligibility

  • You must be at least 21 years old (and no more than 70 years old)
  • You must have held a full UK driving licence (not provisional) for a minimum of 12 months
  • You must have no more than 6 penalty points on your driving [license]
  • You can’t have had any drink driving convictions in the last 5 years
  • You have no convictions relating to driving without insurance
  • You’ve had no more than two accidents in the past 3 years

Currently the service is only available within the UK.