The Beauty Of Consignment

Sandi Gonzalez can thank strong friendships, her family, and the desire to do something for her community for the strength to start her own business reports The Review.

Men and women can bring in gently used clothing, and Gonzalez will sell it and offer a percent of the sales back to the original owner. It’s a consignment business for high-quality clothing items.

“Women, no matter what their status, want to look good and that’s where the idea of a consignment store came in,” Gonzalez said. “We offer new and label consignments.”

For just about every taste and category, Gonzalez said she can offer affordable clothing that still has a certain style and elegance.

“All of this has been a dream in the making,” Gonzalez said while standing alongside a wedding dress up for sale. “I owe everything to Dave and Shirley Marshall, owners of the Mezzanine Town Mall. They’ve been really helpful, and I chose this location because of them.”

Gonzalez said a whole host of friends and her family have been supportive as well.

“In a way, this business is also a tribute to my mom because a lot of her clothes, my daughter’s clothes and my clothes contributed to the inventory,” Gonzalez said.

Photo by Steven Depolo

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