If you get nervous when you think that someone is about to turn you down, whether in sales or in your other relationships, there’s a game you can play to teach yourself to get over it. Called Rejection Therapy, it has only one rule:

You must be rejected by another person every single day.

Basically it works like this: every single day, you need to step outside of your comfort zone and ask for something that you wouldn’t normally. Note that the rule doesn’t say that you need to try to be rejected. You must ask for something outside of your comfort zone and be rejected by another human being to be successful. No other outcome meets the requirement of Rejection Therapy. If you put yourself in a situation where you are likely to be rejected, but you aren’t doesn’t count. You obviously didn’t ask for enough.

Does this sound like something that could get your over your fear of rejection? If so, there’s also a set of 36 cards for entrepreneurs with ideas to challenge your fear of failure that you might be interested in.

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