Julixa Newman was sick of answering the same questions every few steps while out shopping with her twin daughters. According to the Howard County Times, that frustration inspired her to create something new.

With the aim of running her errands more efficiently, she created two shirts for her babies in order to answer the most popular queries before they could be asked. One read, “Yes, we’re twins” and the other read, “No, we’re not identical.”

“Instead of taking an hour and a half to shop, it only took me 15 or 20 minutes to run through the mall,” marveled the Florida transplant, with a self-satisfied grin. “I’m a very hyper person and I need to get things done.”

But when yet another mother of twins stopped her to ask where she’d purchased the shirts, Newman told her, without skipping a beat, “I’m starting my own company, and you can buy them online. It’s called Stuff 4 Multiples.”

Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am — an entrepreneur was born.

Newman, not wanting to disappoint that mom, immediately bought and speed-read the 432-page book, “Webmastering for Dummies.” After highlighting key passages and seeking help from an experienced friend in choosing a manufacturer, she had her website up and running in two days.

Photo by Stuff 4 Multiples