Mom Makes Framed Baby Carriers Cool Again

Whether you have one child or five, sometimes there are simply not enough hand to do everything that needs to get done. For that reason, some parents choose to use a baby carrier. The style that carriers use has changed over the years, but the frame style carrier is making a comeback.

Sarah Spoor has four kids, and she found herself needing a few extra hands once in a while. At that point she realized that a lightweight, sturdy baby carrier was exactly what she needed reports nwsource.

After briefly using a vintage frame-style Gerry Carrier, Spoor was inspired to create an updated version that would meet modern standards with the addition of safety straps and colorfully pattered cotton canvas fabrics to make harried parents feel hip.

The result of that inspiration is Kokopax, a line of framed carriers ranging from $99.99 to $179.99, depending on the style you choose. The lower-priced City Carrier and original Classic Carrier both lack a hip belt, and the highest-priced Eco-Classic Carrier features both a hip belt for extra support and low-impact dyed eco-friendly fabrics.

All three have the essentials in common: a five-point safety harness, comfortable shoulder straps and an adjustable, lightweight, anodized aluminum frame with a kickstand for easy loading; and all are airplane carry-on-approved and appropriate for use from six months to two years, or up to 35 pounds.

Screenshot from Kokopax

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