Inventor Generating Green Energy And Opportunity

Sameer Hajee wanted to do something good. So he set out with his company, Nuru Designs, and created a product that would benefit the people in third world countries. His device is called Nuru Lights. It works by plugging special light bulbs into the device and pedaling. It charges 5 bulbs at once, providing up to 40 hours of light reports An entrepreneurial person within the community can make money by charging a low fee to allow others to use the device.

The machine looks like two cycle pedals fitted on a box and is raised on a stand to pedal on. The machine charges a set of pod light bulbs which can be used for task-based lighting. For instance, studying, looking after a baby at night, and the toilet.

Hajee was proud that his invention tries to use human-power efficiently.

“That is not a tiring speed for a normal man. The machine costs US$150 which is bought by an entrepreneur with micro-finance. The rental is 20 cents per light bulb and the entrepreneur can pay back his loan in six months. In India, there are five entrepreneurs in Madhya Pradesh and Orissa.”

“It is one thing to develop an idea, but it is quite another to be there to see its success, [and to help] overcome poverty with a simple tool.”

Photo from Nuru Lights

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