Powerhouse Consulting Firms Create Strategic Alliance For International Franchising

PR Newswire:

The iFranchise Group, a leading franchise consulting firm based near Chicago, announced that it recently formed a strategic alliance with EGS, the largest single exporter of U.S. franchises in the world. The mutual goal of the firms is to help assess the readiness of non-U.S. companies seeking U.S. market entry, to assist U.S. franchisors in their expansion efforts abroad, and to consult with firms outside the U.S. with their franchising needs in a wide range of foreign markets.

“Franchisors of all sizes have great economic potential through international franchising, in a variety of emerging and other global markets,” says William Edwards, President of EGS. “It’s not surprising when countries all over the word — like China, India, and the United Arab Emirates and others — are growing their franchising bases, with some countries even easing earlier legal restrictions in order to actively promote franchise growth.”

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