Scentsy Inc. was founded in 2004 and within a year had a growth factor of 200%. Year after year, Scentsy grows 300% or more. Scentsy is Privately held, owned, and operated by Orville and Heidi Thompson out of Meridian, Idaho. There are 100K consultants in the US and Canada and Scentsy just announced that we will be starting up in the UK and Germany soon.

Scentsy Candle warmers are electric ceramic pots that warm the highly scented wax by using a light bulb instead of a flame. The candle warmer uses a 25-watt light bulb to melt soft, highly scented wax bars slowly and safely to maximize fragrance time.Scentsy Bars in Scentsy warmers melt at 125 degrees Fahrenheit – the temperature of a typical paraffin cosmetic dip. The wax will not burn children or pets.

Trista Jensen is a independent Star Director with Scentsy and says, “We’re a group of independent consultants that love the product as much as, if not even more than our customers. Scentsy allows my husband to stay at home and take care of our little one, while I work my other full-time job.” She also states that her favorite part of the Scentsy business is training all her new team members and hearing their success stories. Trista currently has a group of more than 220 consultants from all over the United States and hopes that she will be able to help more moms and dads enjoy more of their family time by not having to work outside the home as much.

Join Scentsy for only $99 and get your enrollment kit full of products to help you with your new business. It includes a full size candle warmer, 80 scent samples, catalogs and even a Scentsy Buddy stuffed animal that holds a scent pack in it’s back. If you’d like to join Scentsy, you can call Trista and she’ll help you understand the business. “It’s very simple to sell Scentsy because I believe in the products and if you’re a fan of the products, it’s all the better. It’s more like I’m sharing a product that I fell in love with,” says Trista.

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