Koofers Makes College Easier

College just got a little easier. I said, a little. But sometimes a little goes a long way.

Koofers.com is a college-sharing website that enables students to share class notes and professor ratings, find the cheapest textbooks and even create their ideal schedule. Entrepreneur.com calls it simplified sharing.

The company launched on Virginia Tech’s campus in 2007 and in that first year became the third ranked visited website for Virginia Tech students, behind MySpace and Facebook according to Techcrunch.

Now, Koofers.com has over 2,000 participating universities across the country, and almost 400,000 student members. Koofers Inc. continues its pursuit to make college classes a little more manageable by aiming to partner with even more universities.

Koofers.com is one among several online college study aid sites, including cramster.com, sparknotes.com, and coursehero.com. Though some) have wondered how ethical these note-sharing sites may be, Koofers.com works directly with universities to ensure the integrity of the information on its site. It also remains free to students and generates its revenue by receiving a commission from the companies who sell textbooks through its site.

The following video, taken from Techcrunch, will walk you through how to use the koofers.com website and the benefits this company offers college students, from small community colleges, to big name universities.

Koofers.com Demo Video – 2008 version from Koofers.com on Vimeo.

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