The Emergence Of Women And The Lifestyle Business

The number of women going into business has steadily increased over the years. For example, 45% of the students studying entrepreneurship at Belmont University are women. Women also make up more than 40% of entrepreneurs across the country.

As we see the number of women entering the business world rise, their reasons for becoming entrepreneurs are proving to be very different from some men. The Christian Science Monitor takes a look at these motivations.

This approach to entrepreneurship is referred to as pursuing “a lifestyle business.”

However, every business should be viewed as a lifestyle business. If you choose a business deliberately based on your goals, aspirations and values, you can create a business that is an intentional reflection of the lifestyle you’d like to live.

Albert’s research suggests that this is exactly what a growing number of women are choosing to do.

Many female entrepreneurs — and, in fact, a growing number of young male entrepreneurs — deliberately limit the growth of their businesses to allow themselves time to pursue interests beyond the office. They want to spend time with their family, church or in their community, or pursue other personal interests such as hobbies or travel.

Photo by David Goehring

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