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Herbalife in India, a global nutrition and direct-selling company, today announced their association with Samarthanam, a trust for the disabled. A Herbalife ‘Live Green’ initiative, the funds from the Waste Management program will be redirected to Samarthanam to support their mid-day meals plan.

Through this association, Herbalife will be donating their dry waste such as Newspapers, Magazines, Tetra packs, Old Furniture, Shampoo Bottles and Carton Boxes to Samarthanam, where the trust will in turn recycle the waste, producing innovative eco- friendly daily use products. Herbalife believes in taking personal responsibility and in making decisions based not only on financial factors but also on the social and environmental consequences of the company’s activities.

Commenting on the initiative, Ajay Khanna, country head, Herbalife India said, “This ‘Live Green’ initiative not only helps us in protecting the environment but it also provides us with the humble opportunity of providing nutritious meals to the less privileged. I encourage as many people to join this initiative and make a difference, however small. This is just the first step; we intend to work towards supporting the Samarthanam Parisara initiative across distribution centres and Herbalife offices in India.’

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