Kids Entertaining Kids

Alli Sharifi has her own business card, and the Northbrook Patch believes her card most likely has more flair than your own. After all, she is an 11 year old girl that runs an entertainment-style business.

She is available for face painting and other entertainment at birthday parties. Sharifi also plans a summer day camp for her youngest sister and her friends that’s packed with arts and crafts and the occassional dysfunctional soccer game.

“They’re kind of young so it didn’t work out so well,” Sharifi said.

The price of the camp is enough to cover the cost of supplies, and Alli donates whatever money is left to the charity of her choice each year. So far, she’s donated to an organization that builds schools in Angola and Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Sharifi said she hopes to expand her camp as her campers get a little older, but for now she enjoys planning age-appropriate activities and being a camp counselor.

Photo by saritarobinson

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