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What if you could improve many areas within your home? Would you want increased water efficiency in appliances, like your washer? How about better air quality? These are all questions that WAVE Home Solutions would like you to ask yourself. After all, it is their solutions that will make all of those improvements a reality.

The name offers just a hint into what they do. Representing the words water, air, ventilation, and energy, WAVE offers a host of products that can help you improve your home. For entrepreneurial people, they also offer a business opportunity to enter into a unique market.

The president of the company, Phil Konigsberg, recently answered a few questions about their products and the business opportunity they offer.

Tell us a little about WAVE Home Solutions.

Wave HS is a sales and marketing company that has distribution rights to several unique, patented, products that provide solutions to common air and water quality issues. They are innovative and superior to the prevalent solutions in the market place, easy to integrate into any home and are maintenance free. Our direction relies on extensive advertising and marketing to bring the awareness to the public of these technologies. Often there are quality products that do not penetrate the marketplace due to the lack of marketing and dissemination of information. Wave HS has researched and selected solutions that have been proven effective over the years and fit the criteria for affordability, ease of operation and easy integration. In addition to the results that homeowners are looking for there are the added features of energy savings with a quick payback on the investment and the environmental friendliness.

What inspired this business?

Years ago we introduced a ventilation unit to the US market that was effective in remedying the moisture problems in basements and crawl spaces. Despite the prevalence of using dehumidifiers in these environments there was a high level of dissatisfaction with the lingering of odors, mustiness and mold activity. We promoted our ventilation unit as a better alternative that would extract moisture, thereby reducing these problems and in addition create an air exchange that expels the buildup of gases and pollutants. The market began to mature with more of awareness to the health concerns that moisture can cause with the increase of mold, dust mites and allergen triggers and to the structural damage from moisture saturating into floors and beams. The issue of indoor air quality become more of a concern with tighter homes and we directed our marketing to address that as well, by educating the public of the need to expel the buildup of gases (radon, combustion, etc), chemicals and other pollutants that are common in homes. We emphasized that it was not sufficient to focus in only on aesthetic issues (odors, mildew dampness), but to proactively create a healthier and sustainable home.

With the marketing of the ventilation unit we realized the market’s concern for a healthier home environment. Water quality is of vital importance to every homeowner and there is a strong demand for a good solution. We decided to expand and research for innovative technologies that would provide the homeowner with better air and water quality and that would fit our business model. At that point we introduced HydroCare for the elimination of limescale and then developed a proprietary water system for a total solution in the entire house. We now have water solutions that provide fresh, clean and healthy water that is affordable, superior and easy to integrate.

What products do you offer? What do they do?

HydroCare is a patented product that eliminates limescale by sending a strong radio signal throughout the entire plumbing system and into all water equipment. The signal creates a crystallization of the minerals in the hard water, keeping them suspended and preventing them from adhering to surfaces. The process will also breakdown existing lime scale buildup and maintain a pristine surface. The advantage of this product is that it is a proven efficient alternative to the softeners that use salts or chemicals. Those systems require maintenance and have a major issue with the dumping of salts into the water supply. Many municipalities are banning their use due to the environmental issues and the high cost of treating the salt laden water. The alternative usage of physical electronic devices using magnets, and coil wraps have serious performance issues. The HydroCare utilizes a different technology and has years of outstanding performance and results; thereby offering a homeowner a guaranteed performing alternative to the existing solutions.

We have developed a compact Dual Action Water System that integrates the advanced technologies of HydroCare for the elimination of limescale with advanced purification medias for a total water solution in a home. It does not need tanks, there is no maintenance (other than replacing the purification medias approx in 9 months) and there is no loss of pressure. It will purify the water of the major water pollutants and keep the water fresh, clean and free of limescale, staining, odors and bad taste.

Our Ventilation units remedy the conditions in the most problematic areas of the home — basements and crawlspaces. They are the least ventilated areas of the home with high levels of moisture and air contaminants. The environment there is conducive to moisture nourishment of mold, dust mites, infestation and other allergenic triggers. It also is the point of entry for radon, toxic vapors and tends to accumulate combustion gases, chemicals and other pollutants. These naturally occurring conditions are not confined to these areas and the air flow movement in a house will carry these contaminants into the upper living areas. The ventilation units will remedy the conditions, maintain them year round and will create a healthy air exchange that will improve the environment in the entire house.

Tell us a little about your business opportunity?

We’ve enjoyed success with our business over the last 12 years and have created an opportunity with our product line that meets the critical requirements for any entrepreneur- Unique patented products that are proprietary giving us a competitive edge, a strong demand for our entire line, environmentally friendly products that are cost effective and provide healthy margins for the business owner. We have a strong support system with marketing materials, training and technical expertise in place to help the business owner develop their market.

What are your requirements?

Like any business, there has to be a financial commitment in both inventory and marketing to make it a success. The business owner must have the ability to get through the “start up” phase. We suggest the owner have $50,000 in available funds to launch the business, bring in inventory and promote the business. The business requires a total commitment and dedication, without which the results will be minimal. The business model is suited for an entrepreneur with marketing and sales experience and who has enthusiasm and perseverance.

What separates you from the competition?

Our competition is old technology — for example, the “competition” for our ventilation units is the energy guzzling dehumidifier that is inefficient, do little to circulate or ventilate the air and are heavy in maintenance.

Our HydroCare competes with a dying platform — salt based water softeners that have been banned in California already and face similar bans in several other states. HydroCare, like our ventilation unit requires NO maintenance, is easy to install and comes with Performance Guarantees.

The Dual Action water system integrates the best purification medias together with elimination of limescale. This is the only system with these technologies that have been designed into one compact unit for ease of installation and require no operation. It is providing the solution for major water quality issues for a total house without the need for tanks, frequent maintenance and loss of pressure.

Do you have any goals that you’d like to accomplish in the next year or so?

We’d like to have 10 -15 high quality entrepreneurs on board with our Business Opportunity in various markets. We believe in creating business success stories that will be the platform for further expansion. We are developing new marketing strategies that are reflective of the current trends and are prepared to provide the benefits of these efforts to the dealers.

What are some of the lessons this business has taught you?

We have learned that the information and educational aspect to the business is essential. It is a challenge to introduce a new and better solution that is counter to prevailing solutions. We have focused on training and developing marketing materials and strategies to penetrate the markets. and provide the necessary tools to counter the resistance from the commonly known products. We all have noticed the demise of older well established models. Our approach is to incorporate the proven marketing approaches and to innovate the marketplace.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The business opportunity is there for an entrepreneur who realizes the potential, and the ever growing demand for these solutions. They are not the run of mill products nor is this a me too type of business. It’s innovative, exciting and ever expanding.

Do you have any advice that you’d like to offer anyone considering your opportunity?

Spend time on our web site, learn about our products, do the due diligence on the demand, issues, and competitive products. After which contact us for more information and insight. The only way to know if a business is a right fit is to spend time understanding the business and the potential in the market and by asking lots of questions.

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