Aspiring mompreneurs once again have the opportunity to receive some funding through the Huggies MomInspired program. The program awards money to deserving moms with inventions or ideas that are inspired by motherhood.

At a time when American entrepreneurs are credited with starting the most businesses – more than half a million per month – than at any other time in the past decade and a half,(i) the Huggies brand launches year two of its successful MomInspired grant program. Huggies MomInspired provides resources and seed capital to help fund women-owned business startups and new product innovations inspired by motherhood.

In 2010, the Huggies brand invested a total of a quarter million dollars to financially support the 12 inaugural grant recipients, who submitted inventions at every stage of development, ranging from a spill-proof training cup, to a device that relieves the stress and pain of child vaccinations. The program also pledges to further encourage their business success by allowing them access to educational and financial resources from within Kimberly-Clark, and third-party marketing experts.

“Our hope is to help these mom inventors jumpstart their journey, empowering them with the funds, confidence and resources to realize their dreams and share their unique perspective on parenting challenges,” said Steve Paljieg, senior director, corporate innovation for Kimberly-Clark. “Who knows how to solve child-rearing problems better than the moms who live them every day?”

In addition to taking the Huggies brand relationship with moms to a new level of personal interaction and development, the program offers a unique research and development opportunity for the Huggies brand to potentially source new product innovation ideas directly from its most important consumer.

Screenshot from Huggies MomInspired

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