Judi Weinstein was ready to breastfeed her first son, but latching problems made that difficult. That experience left her with a plan B: to pump and store breast milk for bottle feeding. Unfortunately, she encountered another roadblock during that process.

Determined that there had to be a better way to pump, store and feed the breast milk, she created her own solution. That solution is called the Mother’s Milk Mate, reports Trib Local.

“I wanted to create a system that would benefit moms like myself, as well as those moms returning to work, who were still committed to providing breast milk to their babies”, Judi says of her invention.

The Mother’s Milk Mate Rack & Bottle Breast Milk Storage System offers breastfeeding moms and their babies a variety of health, safety and convenience benefits. Most importantly, it lets moms pump, store and feed their breast milk using the same BPA-free, recyclable bottle.

“I was tired of sorting through disorganized, messy and leaky breast milk storage bags,” Judi says. “I knew I could come up with a better way to organize my pumped breast milk. I also knew I wasn’t alone, and a great solution could benefit other moms.”

“My motivation was simple. The desire for a single bottle for pumping, storing and feeding that would make for a happy, healthy, breastfed baby and a less frustrated mom!”

Photo from Mother’s Milk Mate