Jan Tiffany is the mom of two boys and the owner of three businesses.

With the help of her husband, Tiffany has successfully managed to grow three businesses while raising a family. According to The Charlotte Observer, her businesses started like many others: through a need.

Q. How did Jumpin Jacks begin?

We started Jumpin Jacks after the boys had their second- and third-year-old birthday parties. Their birthdays are 366 days apart and they have always shared a big backyard summer party. We called around for a moonbounce and found the local companies either 1. Do not return phone calls or 2. Have a disparity in prices, availability etc. The moonbounce that we ended up with was dirty and had duct tape on it.

Chuck and I both had decent full time jobs, but with both boys in day care (which was more than our house payment) we still needed additional income. After the less-than-favorable experience renting the moonbounce, Chuck decided we could probably offer a better service. He started the company from the ground up — name, logo, website, etc.

We bought one moonbounce. That was 2003. Now with four vehicles, three trailers and more than $75,000 in rental equipment, we are almost into our ninth year in business. Even through a struggling economy, the business has increased in revenue 20 percent year after year.

Q. Any advice you wish you’d had before you beginning your ventures?

Establish written policies, keep electronic files and backups! We created everything as we went along and should have been better organized (electronically).

Screenshot from Jumpin’ Jacks