Through Kids And Startups

We’re just coming off of Mother’s day, the perfect day to let our mother’s know just how much we love them. It also celebrates their ‘super’ abilities. Christina Grushkin is one of those moms.

After spending nearly 10 years working in advertising, marketing, and sales, she left the business world as an employee and returned as an entrepreneur. She launched The Ladybug and Bean, an online store featuring handmade blankets and gift sets, reports VatorNews.

“It’s a 24-hour job. When the kids go to bed at 9pm, I start working until 3am.” (!) When I asked her if she ever sleeps, she says she gets it when she can, like when the kids are napping. Unfortunately, they don’t always nap at the same time.

Despite being at home most of the time taking care of her two little girls, Grushkin understands the power of social media in making business connections over the Web. The Ladybug and Bean has a healthy presence on its own blog, on Facebook and on Twitter, each with its own unique voice.

Photo from The Ladybug and Bean

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