Cub Scout’s Lawn Mowing Empire

Photo by Jez Page


It may seem a bit old-fashioned, but one 11-year-old Cub Scout is financing his new dreams by turning into a lawn-mowing mogul.

Despite his age, Bill Breitenstein seems beyond his years and hasn’t gone by “Billy” since kindergarten. Now, he’s going into sixth grade and was yearning for a new mountain bike. So, his father told him about mowing lawns as a kid, and Bill revived the biz.

“I found this mower in my grandpa’s shed. We bought a gas tank and some gas — and we’re ready to go,” Breitenstein said.
Thus, Breitenstein became an 11-year-old entrepreneur.

How’d he get started, you ask? With door-to-door flyers. “I went to Clip Art and typed in ‘lawn mowers’ and found a picture,” he explained.

Photo by Jez Page.

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