First Aid For Fashion

Who do you call when your dress begins to slip? Elaine Popove, of course. She is the founder of Miss Fix Fashion Products, which is the home to Fashion-Aid. Her roll-on adhesive helps keep strapless dress from slipping too low, reports Campbell River Mirror.

Popove’s Fashion-Aid product is a liquid fashion adhesive designed to secure slipping bra straps, low necklines or strapless dresses.

“Fashion-Aid is approved by Health Canada, hypoallergenic and water-washable,” said Popove. “It moves with your skin, rather than pulling it, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident.”

The product first hit shelves in spring 2010 and since then, has retailed at more than 210 Canadian stores.

The invention was born on Popove’s wedding day while struggling with her strapless gown. She realized all women worry about their clothing unintentionally slipping, shifting or falling down. Now a mom to a 14-month-old son, she is chasing after her toddler while building her business.

Logo from Fashion-Aid

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