Rachel Young has seen both sides of business. She was once homeless, running a business out of her car. She has even experienced the joys of success. Now Rachel believes it is time to share her lessons with fellow female entrepreneurs, and help guide them to their own success, reports KnoxvilleBiz.com.

“I’ve broken everything that can be broken. I’ve been homeless, successful, all points in between,” Young says. After nearly 10 years as a “serial entrepreneur,” she wanted more than a networking meeting to exchange business cards with other entrepreneurs. She wanted a place where women could teach other women how to run a business.

Young founded the KEWG in April 2010, hoping to attract women in business and those thinking about starting their own business. Women responded through www.meetup.com, an online network of local groups, and now 196 members are listed on its website.

“This is a learning environment for women only – only women on stage, only women sponsors, only women in the audience,” Young said.

She wants to help women learn how to write a business plan, operate a business, manage and use a website, and use social media in marketing, among other skills. The organization’s website invites women to “Discover how to run a successful business, do 16 things at once, eliminate ‘mommy guilt’ and do it all while maintaining your sanity!”

Screenshot from the Knoxville Entrepreneurial Women’s Group

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