Companies put a lot of effort into discovering what women want in a product, and consultants like Sandie Glass and Laura Wolfram give them the answer.

Glass, 54, has worked for Procter & Gamble and Eureka! Ranch, a product innovation firm in Newtown. Wolfram, 40, has worked in marketing and branding for StarKist Seafood and Laga.

“I thought this industry needed a female-headed firm,” Glass says. “Who has control of the purse strings? It’s the female head of the house.

“As women we understand how female consumers think. There aren’t many women in this business. Men rely on consumer research to get the woman’s perspective. I think this gives us an advantage. If it doesn’t pass our test, it’s not going to pass in the market.”

Glass says the creative process that takes a brand from one solid product to a line of several popular varieties involves hundreds of hours of coordinated efforts and collaboration, a skill she feels she is known for.

“It’s really about collaboration,” she says. “No one does this alone. It takes a lot of ideas and narrowing those ideas down. We really facilitate that with the companies we work with.

“We pull key insights from consumer research, and then the company can take that and establish a framework for their idea. We help them focus on how to converge information and be successful in the market.”

Screenshot from Sandstorm Inc.

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