Jennifer Bonnett spent more than 20 years in the information technology field and she noticed a sad trend, most tech startup events were filled with men. Often, she was the only woman in the room. So, she created a startup group for just women.

A month after that February weekend two years ago, StartupChicks was founded.

Since then, even Bonnett has been surprised at how the group has taken off, growing from its original five founding members to more than 800 women worldwide.

Originally designed as a networking group to connect entrepreneurial women for sharing and support, the nonprofit’s mission now includes educating and mentoring women on entrepreneurship as a career and life choice, Bonnett said.

“At first, we envisioned StartupChicks as a small, intimate group of women who would nurture and support each others’ ideas and businesses,” she said.

“At our very first meeting in Atlanta, we were hoping for 20 women.

“Seventy-one showed up.”

Today’s members come from 25 states and five countries, although 81 percent are located in Georgia.

Screenshot from StartupChicks

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