The Scent Of Success

West Deptford Patch:

Debbie MacAdams didn’t plan to launch a second career after more than a decade at home, raising her family.

But three years ago, the West Deptford resident launched herself as a consultant for Scentsy, a direct-sales company specializing in wickless candles, after getting one of the company’s wax warmers as a gift from a friend. It wasn’t something she expected to be a huge time investment–she was working as a school instructional aide at the same time–but thought it could be something she could do on the side.

“I just simply wanted some fun money,” she said.

After advancing through the first few sales levels in the initial days and weeks, though, she quickly realized it was something more than just a part-time gig, and began the transition to making it a true career.

Now, those three short years in, she’s already scored the company’s sales excellence award, which just 300 people got this year. It puts her in the top one-quarter of 1 percent of Scentsy’s 100,000-plus consultants, a feat she said she’s been able to accomplish because of the relationships she’s built with her clientele.

Logo from Scentsy

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