PR Newswire:

ExactTarget, a leading global provider of on-demand email marketing and interactive marketing solutions, recently presented BrandMuscle its “2011 Embedded Partner of the Year” award at the company’s annual user conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. The award recognizes BrandMuscle’s innovation in digital marketing and in creating a seamless brand experience for companies that rely on a decentralized network of dealers, franchisees and sales agents to deliver relevant marketing and advertising to local markets on behalf of their company’s brands.

Using BrandMuscle’s web-based BrandBuilder® software, corporate marketers enable local dealers, franchisees and sales agents to create and deliver brand compliant, corporate-approved, advertising and one-to-one communications using standardized templates. As an ExactTarget Embedded Partner, BrandMuscle has layered the robust delivery, hosting and analytics features of ExactTarget’s platform for email, landing pages, microsites and SMS text messaging into the BrandBuilder® product. This integration is transparent to users of the BrandBuilder® product and allows BrandMuscle to deliver a unified, consistent and exceptionally user-friendly interface for the customization of all media types.