The Other Half

Life as an entrepreneur can be hectic and risky, but what is it like for the family? The Globe and Mail takes a look at the experience Dave Cole has had while his wife has worked to build up her business.

But at home, he’s been centre stage, facing one challenge after another.

For starters, there was tightening the family belt while waiting for that first elusive paycheque. That meant cutting back on RRSP contributions, getting used to eating in, and even stocking up on dry goods on sale.

At the same time, Mr. Cole morphed into Mr. Mom while his wife worked around the clock to build the business.

“When she’s on call 24-7 for work, I’m on call 24-7 for the kids,” says Mr. Cole, who books house showings around his children’s schedules. It takes a lot of creative jostling to cover all the bases, he says, and the sheer busyness of it all can get overwhelming.

“The fact is, being an entrepreneurial spouse is a hard job because your support is vital to the health of the business and you have a life, too,” says executive coach Bruce Sandy, founder and principal of Pathfinder Coaching and Consulting in Port Moody, B.C.

Photo by Simon Claassen

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