Rough Job Market Has Young Entrepreneurs Turning To Franchises


With unemployment rates remaining high, many young professionals are striking out on their own. While these youthful entrepreneurs all have their own reasons for starting up a business — they found no jobs in their field after graduating from college, they found a job but their corporation later downsized, or they simply wanted to set their own work agenda — many have turned to owning a franchise.

Because they don’t have decades of business experience under their belts, they say becoming a franchisee can provide them with the backup they need while they make the most of their energy and enthusiasm.

“You have the brand name behind you, but you bring your own professionalism and commitment to excellence to the business, and by doing the job right you ensure that there is a job waiting for you the next day,” said Aaron Dilley, 24, who switched career tracks from schoolteacher to franchisee. More.

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