Evan Streusand found his path to fashion while visiting Peru. He never expect to end up in that industry, but what discovered while reluctantly visiting a boot shop has helped him become an entrepreneur.

Streusand wasn’t so sure about the success of the boot, but the compliments kept pouring in and orders started to pick up. Close to two years later and after lots of trial and error with designs and boot styles, connections were solidified in Lima, a boot maker was secured and Inca Boot Company was born.

Inca Boot Company‘s suede boots have hints of Inca textiles in vibrant colors, geometric shapes and motifs. Peruvian artisans and boot makers design and fashion each pair of boots ranging from $160 for the simple Classic Short Olive boots with brown soles to $235 for the Electra Zora .

Inca Boot Company works hard to provide steady work to the Peruvian people. Streusand says many of the artisans’ livelihood depends on consistent employment.

Can this local boot company sustain the passing of the tribal trend? Streusand believes his boots can. “I think there’s always going to be a niche for them,” said Streusand. “Women loved them when I first brought them back four years ago, well before the trend.”