New Business Ideas In Real Estate And Top Franchise Opportunity In India

RE/MAX organized a seminar titled “Start your own business today – Real estate broking” at Juhu Jagruti Hall, Mumbai on 15th November 2011 and at MCCIA Hall, Pune on 21st November 2011. This seminar revolved around fundamentals of entrepreneurship and tips on how to run a successful real estate broking business. It is a natural desire to start a real estate franchise and take advantage of small business opportunities as it sounds like easy and fast money—after all, you just need to bring the buyer and seller together. If it were so easy, all property brokers and property agents would be successful Real Estate Entrepreneurs.

The Indian real estate market is set to become one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the next decade. On one hand, people are enthusiastic about American and European investors turning to India to invest in real estate, but on the other hand, local property brokers and agents are still working in an unorganized real estate industry in India. More.

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