Self-Employment Assistance For Unemployed

Yamhill Valley News-Register:

SEAP gives an option for individuals with unemployment insurance claims who are identified as being likely to exhaust their benefits before they return to work and may have what it takes to create their own business. It’s a chance to determine if self-employment could be the individual’s best option.

“They self-select for the most part,” Sanderlin said.

For instance, the program could be right for an individual who was employed, but designed websites on the side in the evenings or weekends. If they meet the criteria, they can be placed into the program.

Those who take this route will complete a detailed application, which Sanderlin said amounts to a feasibility study for their business. Questions cover such topics such as do you know your credit score? Have you run a business? How much capital do you have available? How do you expect to live while starting a business?

Sanderlin said those who score well enough are entered into the program and then are tasked to compile a formal business plan.

Photo by Sean MacEntee

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