Another 7-Eleven In The Works For St. Johns

Neighborhood Notes:

It was a packed house at the St. Johns Community Center on Monday night, Dec. 14, as the proposed plans for a new 7-Eleven convenience store at 8157 N Lombard St. were unveiled, followed by questions and comments for 7-Eleven representative Tom Noble.

There are already two 7-Elevens in St. Johns, one of which is nine blocks from the site, and a Plaid Pantry. St. Johns residents, who cheered earlier in the neighborhood association meeting over plans for a long-anticipated Ace Hardware, expressed concern regarding the prospect of another convenience store.

If all zoning requirements are met, the development most certainly will become a reality as the developer’s chosen design review process does not require public input. Opposed neighbors only recourse is to write their city planner with land-use zoning specific arguments: building versus lot coverage, crime, or traffic issues.

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