In Ionia, Michigan, there is a group of woman who get together to eat a meal and share their elevator pitch with like-minded women. They are the Girls’ Lunch.

According to event organizer, Debbie Seese, the idea stemmed from the Girls’ Lunch events in Grand Rapids.

She said participants meet for lunch and some attendees give a “30-second commercial” about their business or non-profit and also give door prizes through random selection.

“It’s mainly for businesses and non-profits who need another outlet for promotion,” said Seese.

Goodie bags with business promotional materials are also part of the event. All attendees place something small and of value attached to a business card or other forms of literature from the business.

Seese said the group of attendees is small, and more women are always welcome.

“It’s just fun to see and hear about what other women are doing,” Seese added.

Photo by US Mission Geneva